Pandora Papers reveal financial dealings of some of world's most powerful people - BBC News


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the offshore dealings of presidents prime ministers and royalty are revealed in almost 12 million files obtained by the international consortium of investigative journalists they reveal the secrets of world leaders from the king of jordan to vladimir putin to tony blair before he came to power the then labor leader attacked the offshore system that allowed wealthy people to gain tax advantages unavailable to most of us millionaires with the right accountant pay nothing whilst pensioners pay bat on fuel offshore trusts get tax relief while homeowners pay vat on insurance premiums we will create a tax system that is fair which is related to ability to pay years later in 2017 tony and cherie blair bought this townhouse in central london for 6 45 million pounds but rather than buy the house as you or i would they bought the offshore company that owned it saving more than 300 000 pounds in stamp duty that doesn look right and it partly doesn look great because most people cannot do the same thing and so even if what the players did was perfectly legal perfectly legitimate in the business world it feels instinctively really unfair because they got access