Hifonics Pluto Possible Zed Audio Negative Rail Short locate Journey


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Music thank you for tuning in to ellensburg amplifier repair and service today i have a amplifier board that labeled on the other side pluto so i think it a maxonix possible z audio board just a 2 channel amplifier that is presenting itself with a protection condition which has been kind of a challenge to find um it using the irfc 44 vs on the power supply it using the bd9 12s and the bd911s on the output there no shorts in the audio pre driver section here and so i figured i would just start doing some probing around on this board to determine if i can find this area that got a short in it so when i try to start it the 44 vs would they would heat up not significantly but they would get warm and then would go into protection so that tells me there a short on the output and i already tested uh the bd output transistor so there no shorts there i checked the bias transistors no shorts so what i started doing was checking the resistance of the plus minus rails here and when i was probing the rails like