5 Subconscious Beliefs Narcissistic Parents Teach That Keep You In Narcissistic Relationships


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hey guys today i want to talk about how your subconscious mind can keep you from breaking the cycle of narcissistic abuse okay so if you find yourself in patterns patterns where you are either with a romantic person that winds up um high on a scale of malignant narcissism or in friendships that are recreating these narcissistic tendencies or these narcissistic dynamics you going to want to watch this video for anyone that doesn know me my name is michelle i a life and relationship coach i specialize in narcissistic abuse recovery and cptsd recovery i also the founder of the thriver school of transformation i leave the link there for anyone that wants to check it out but it a place where we meet live weekly to work through the side effects of narcissistic abuse and ptsd together we do that live on zoom meetings okay so today i really want to focus on how your subconscious keeps you stuck in programs that keep you repeating toxic relationships let say we have them memorized and we can talk about what a narcissist or a malignant manipulative narcissist looks like in such detail like we it almost feels like