Beyond - October 2013


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we really happy that you with us thank you for for joining us we got a lot to talk about I just telling them we gonna be talking about alien abductions tonight we gonna be talking about ghosts tonight we gonna be talking about about if we get to have time we gonna be talking about young earth old Earth type issues as the earth really young like six to ten thousand years old as it is it old a whole bunch of things that are are going to be very very interesting I think to you isn certainly not in the norm of things and if you think beyond has been abnormal up to now wait till tonight and tonight we gonna be way way on the outer reaches of probably sanity here so you be I think you be you be interested lots of times people ask me if what have you been thinking about this month and what been on your mind there been a couple things that really been on my mind one is I am really grateful for the mercy of God sometimes we confuse mercy and grace and lots of times there things that