Composite Functions


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hello everybody welcome to another video OPA ready to flex those brain muscles today we gonna talk about composite functions we gonna learn how to compose two functions how to evaluate them how to find the domain how to decompose all that stuff we gonna learn in this video I may spread it out into two parts two different videos so we see I want to make sure everything gets covered so composite functions f composed with G that how this is read out loud or F of G of X and basically what it means is we have an inner function and outer function and we basically plugging in a function to another function so how functions work again we have an out an input we plug stuff in we get stuff out in this case what we plugging in instead of a value like two we believing plugging in a whole function like x squared plus two we can just plug a whole function into another function and this actually has a lot of real world applications right if you have like cost and price and all sorts of different things you can compose functions and make a