Fibaro homecenter 3 quickstart for newbies


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video to fibaro home center 3 the reason why i made this video is because of i could not find any really good instruction video to do basic things on fibaro so that why i wanted to create this short video to also get you really fast up and running with fibaro a little disclaimer i not an expert i not a pro i just a newbie who found some things out and my intention is to give you some guidance on how you can set your your own vbarrow home center tree as soon as you get your vibram home center you plugged it in you can go into the find fubaro com website and it will automatically Music find your barrel if it connected to an ethernet port Music basically what you do then you click open which automatically brings you to the barrel of the first need to set up an uh and user id and password but as soon as you have done that you arrive in the main screen you can see here that for instance here are all the symbols this is the home screen basically where all the dashboards where all the icons