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welcome back to my series guys called fighting with your physique where we look at different body types and we try to dial in how you can be a better fighter based on your entire build we covered thin and lean fighters short and stocky guys who are extra strong today we going to move away a tiny bit from the body type and actually go inside the body and talk about those people who have extreme just extra spectacular cardio how can you be a more dangerous more effective just a scary fighter if you one of those guys who has a gas tank that just goes and goes after the intro guys that is what we diving into today all right guys exceptional cardio this could be a product of hard hard work just putting in the time out on the roadwork in the gym or it just could be god given you could just be somebody who born with amazing cardio but either way it doesn matter the tactics being able to utilize this strength you have is what we want to focus on today how can you really use this even more to your advantage and