7 Alexa Features You Need To Turn OFF Right NOW


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all right so we have got some really important things to talk about in today video if you own an amazon echo device i going to be going over seven alexa features that you need to be turning off right away so stay tuned hey everyone welcome back to another video so privacy is a big concern for a lot of people and amazon does not have the best track record for keeping your data private so in this video we going to be talking about seven different things that you probably going to want to turn off if you own an amazon echo device now for the remainder of this video i am not going to use the word alexa instead i will be using amazon in replacement hopefully i won be triggering too many of your devices and before we get started don forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don miss out on future videos like this one with that said let get started all right the first one that we going to be covering to me is the most important one which is why i wanted to cover it first and that is