C-PTSD and Brain F.O.G.G.| Fear Overwhelm Guilt & Grief After Childhood Trauma


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hello friends today i wanted to talk about one challenging symptom of complex ptsd and that brain fog anyone that has undergone childhood trauma whether it was because your parents were addicts or emotionally mature or maybe they had a personality disorder like npd or borderline personality disorder you understand that term brain fog it feels like you can string two sentences together and if you do put two sentences together you spend a lot of time ruminating and wondering if they made sense your memory feels inconclusive right it so hard to remember things it feels impossible to make decisions it almost like you can see the possibilities or the choices but your brain just feels stuck it super hard to feel present in your life because you don even feel connected to yourself so i want to talk about why that happens but more importantly i really want to talk about solutions you guys know me by now right it not enough to have the why it not enough to understand the suffering we have to find ways to work through it so that we can get to the other side where we not still suffering and i