Ozzy Man Reviews: When Animals Fight Back #8


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It's time for volume eight of When Animals Fight Back Ahhh, the pool. There's nothing more relaxing than spending quality time With your missus In the pool In the dark While being watched by night vision cameras. Awh yuck! What is that?! It's a crocodile ninja slithering in for a swim And he's in! Pool claimed! Look at this wanker ditching the misso to save himself! This random bloke comes in He tries to help But gives the situation a big Yeah, Nah. I don't blame him I mean Who wants to get In the water with a crocodile? Snappy, snappy bastards. This sheila Has mistaken an elephant for a lounge suite. It doesn't look very comfy. I don't know how you'd do that. The elephant's like "Awh Yeah Nah" "Nah I'm not a couch" And ejects her off his face. Wowee, here's a bloody spectacle! Blue shirt and sandals bloke is having A crap-tastic day He's tried to help the geese cross the road Now the dad  goose has knocked him Ass over Tea Kettle I'm more concerned about this little prick Trying to get up the curb. Oi Daddy Goose How about instead of beating up a human.