Quantum Matter Lecture 19


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hi welcome we on to one of the final sections of the course BCS theory this is non aníbal before we get going I would like to impart some wisdom as to how to survive physics during the lockdown and I have two words of advice chocolate good chocolate preferably and coffee excellent okay so BCS theory of superconductivity recall from the beginning of the course superconductivity was discovered in in in 1911 by chemically notice and the full microscopic theory of superconductivity wasn developed until the late 1950s 1957 by bardeen cooper and schrieffer and maybe I even write that out because those are important names bcs bardeen cooper and schrieffer so Bardeen was the senior professor Cooper was the post talkin and and schrieffer was the graduate student is undoubtedly one of the great intellectual achievements of the last century Bardeen had already become quite famous because of the invention of the transistor Bell Laboratories in nineteen nineteen forty seven he was actually pushed out of Bell Laboratories by his manager and also sometimes collaborator William Shockley were more or less prevented him from ever working on transistor physics at Bell Labs ever again so he moved from