Some People Around You Are Clones - Esoteric Radio - Sevan Bomar


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Music our purpose to create a star within a star Music we have here nitric acid glycerin and a special mixture maya Music well then why can we see it Music so Music finally we get to at a certain point this eighth and ninth dimensional being Music i guess i had to get it off a mute first homeless and balanced vibrations family just jumping into space today to show some love what up youtube this is going to facebook too it happening everyone it amazing to be here with you and to really have this opportunity to you know just come in on uh hey let let talk you know i know people love to see some kind of format and you know i think i pretty good at getting things tightened down well but today i really wanted to start something where i just come into the space let you know that i am here uh let you know what i working on because i always up to something and then also dive deeper into this metaphysical build that we been working on for 11 years now it just incredible because it just seems like yesterday to