2021.10.10 | Bruce Waddington: De-Mystifying the PHD2 Guiding Assistant


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Music all right go ahead hi everybody welcome back it sunday night that means it time for the astro imaging channel and tonight we got a real tweet treat for us because one of the people who uh have helped developed phd2 and so many of us use phd2 bruce waddington is going to be here tonight and he going to take us into the guiding assistant we don inside there and he going to show us a few things about it maybe learn how to master some of its tricks um i played hooky last week you may or may not know i was at the okie tech star party and i spent all day since then driving home and uh so if i a little foggy headed this morning this evening then several of the people on the crew are going to take over for all of you who i met out at oaky tex it was wonderful seeing you and i really appreciate that you appreciate the effort that molly and eric and terry and tim and toga and wanda and rory and you know and arno and you know how big this this is sitting at