IP Man vs Ong Bak | Wing Chun vs Muay Thai


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donnie yen as ip man versus tony jaw as unbach hello there and welcome to our channel once again we put together another enthralling match up this time around we pitting donnie yen ip man up against tony jaws teeing in the hit movie series ang bak so who do you think would come out on top in a fight between these two characters let find out but before we step onto the canvas be sure to hit that like button subscribe to our channel and click on that bell icon so you never miss any of our upcoming videos with that done let turn our attention to this super fight ip man and ang bak are two of the most loved martial arts movies of all time starring donnie yen and tony jaw respectively two equally talented actors and martial artists in this hypothetical match up we be considering the characters that both men portrayed in these movies and their abilities within the context of their plots to determine who would come out on top in this fight said let meet donnie yen ip man the character ip man is based on a real life person named yipman he