MULTISUB【山河令 Word Of Honor】EP11 | 张哲瀚龚俊仗剑江湖,执手天涯 | 张哲瀚/龚俊/周也/马闻远/孙浠伦/陈紫函/寇振海/黑子 | 古装武侠片 | 优酷 YOUKU


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♪Ask the sword and knife, and do away with resentment♪ ♪I fear that new and old grudges will add to my troubles♪ ♪Ask each tactic and move to see who is more skilled♪ ♪Fate changes and cannot be predicted♪ ♪Ask the road and journey ahead♪ ♪Where is my soulmate?♪ ♪Ask the rain and clear skies about the troubles on my mind♪ ♪Face the moon every day and night♪ ♪Ask the flowers and leaves, their colors are perfect♪ ♪Happiness and pain are both short, how many springs are left?♪ ♪Ask autumn and winter, the snowstorm continues♪ ♪The rainbow scatters easily but the days are hard to endure♪ ♪No one knows why the flowers blossomed early♪ ♪Heaven doesn't mock us, you've also grown old♪ ♪The pugilist world is small, but the rest of the world is vast♪ ♪I've forgotten those who are gone♪ ♪No one knows why the flowers withered early♪ ♪Heaven feels no sorrow, you've also grown old♪ ♪The heroes have died and little time is left♪ ♪I've forgotten those who are gone♪ [Word of Honor] [Episode 11] Master. Repairs for the Five Lakes Monument are going well. When the Heroes Conference begins here, the Five Lakes Monument will witness you become the chief of the martial arts world again.