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Music hey guys today I reacting to another new anime you know I just started Grande blue on my channel but actually on my grand blue episode one reaction like not even a little a lot of people recommended me to watch this other anime Prison school now I haven really heard anything about it which is kind of crazy I think in discord it was brought up like once or twice but this one I am going into it like completely blind I have no idea I mean by the title it called prison school so one would assume it takes place in a prison I hope it not gonna be that weird I know people were like oh my gosh yes watch if you like Grande blue watch prison school so I don see an anime being called prison school being like light hearted like Grande blue I really don and the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of like the title prison school is this like manga manga let call it that of one piece characters there like doflamingo crocodile law Caesar just a whole bunch of one piece villains and they like