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why are communication skills important communication can be defined as the process of exchanging ideas information and more from one entity to the other using a medium communication is an integral part of our life as it takes place in every aspect of our life not just that we in an era where effective communication skills are pivotal to succeed both personally and professionally in today competitive world it won be wrong to say that businesses these days heavily rely upon employees with excellent communication skills indeed these skills are essential in a healthy and efficient workplace the truth is no matter how qualified you are it is a fact that if you don have good communication skills then it is hard to get a job as employers don like to hire job seekers with poor communication skills harsh isn it types of communication skills when it comes to communication skills you must comprehend the fact that communication takes place in several forms let start with interpersonal communication skills interpersonal communication takes place on the face to face basis yes you exchange information thoughts and emotions between one person and another or could be more than one individual via verbal