How To Edit Automatic Captions in YouTube


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How To Edit Automatic Captions in YouTube Hi, what I'm gonna show you today is how to edit auto-captions in YouTube. Because of ADA compliance, all videos at Cincinnati State online need to have captions. There are several ways you can do this. If you are reading directly of a transcript you can just take that transcript and upload it into YouTube with your video and it'll match up the transcript words with what you're saying. It does a really good job. Another way you can do captioning is by listening to your video playback and sitting there and typing every word that you had said and that will be turned into captions. The third way, and the way that I recommend, the easiest way is to go in and fix the auto-captioning. After you upload a video into YouTube it has auto-captioning. It's not be available right away because it takes a little bit for it to render and do the captioning, so if you wait a couple minutes to a couple hours, your auto caption will be available. Auto- caption is not perfect, it used to be terrible. It's getting better and better, it's pretty good now if speak clearly, you would only have to go in and change a couple words that it has messed up.