Guided Abundance Meditation for Attracting Money, Wealth and Prosperity [Manifestation]


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this meditation is presented by my piece of mindfulness please enjoy this session in a secluded peaceful location giving yourself the relaxation you deserve before we begin today meditation i love to hear your feedback please comment below to let me know if you enjoy this guided meditation also let me know what you like to hear next welcome to this meditation to attract money prosperity and abundance please find a place that is very cozy where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything and please close your eyes Music breathe in very deeply filling your lungs to the maximum when you breathe out just relax breathing in deeply say to yourself i attract money and breathe out Music when you breathe in say to yourself i attract prosperity exhale and relax breathing in i attract abundance Music breathe out sinking deeply into comfort of this moment bring awareness to your body Music you are full of the life force Music it is within every cell of your body Music be fully aware of the present moment and how you are alive this life force is how you attract money prosperity and wealth all you have to do