How Many FULL POWER Low Kicks Can I Take After 8 Months Off


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what up guys we been talking on the channel about stomach conditioning and in the past i did a video on leg conditioning now my lovely wife took a tumble the other day and cracked her thigh against a rock and did it hurt yeah i felt like i was gonna vomit i never experienced like it band and bone pain all at once and it was not fun you guys ever have ever taken a shin right to the thigh like a deep one where it gives you bone bruise almost you know it can actually make you feel nauseous oh yeah and i was telling her now she experienced something like i experienced because when i fought adam chuck for the second glory title he kicked my hip over and over and over and this poor leg i think it was a month where i was saying i was waking up injured with just this nausea and i thought i was gonna vomit so today after eight months of not taking any low kick conditioning we gonna test this leg out see how much i can take like how conditioned it still is and then give you guys