Heroes Of Might and Magic IV (4) (16/4) (2*2) Review


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Hey, hey people! Sseth here. Today, I'll be covering a game designed on a shoestring budget, while its own parent company was going bankrupt, Heroes of Might and Magic 4, and, despite how little time and money they had, the outcome is pretty damn impressive. It also managed to produce two expansions on a nanofiber budget. The result? Well, have a look for yourselves. Story. To recap the events of Heroes 3, some mages enchanted two swords to each have a nuclear yield of a small sun. Stated only in the fine print to the shipping invoice, these swords shouldn't touch or else warranty is null and void, since the planet will erupt in a nuclear explosion. So, two heroes do exactly that and kill everyone. Some people manage to survive by following portals to a new planet, so they can ruin it all over again. Unfortunately, there's no Geneva Conventions or NATO oversight for wizardry, which is, arguably, the greatest cause of death in the Might and Magic universe. War crimes by practitioners of the arcane are rarely prosecuted, as mages will often teleport out of courtrooms and cast mass Alzheimer's on the judge and jury.