Cell parts and function-Nucleus-Nucleur membrane-nucleolus-nuclear pores


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welcome to moomoomath and science in this video I like to look at the nucleus I always heard that the nucleus is the brain of the sail but why is it the brain and what are the major parts of the nucleus the nucleus is a large organelle in fact you can see the nucleus with a compound microscope here it is inside a cheek cell I like to look at four main components of the nucleus first the nuclear membrane nuclear pores nucleoplasm in the nucleolus the nucleus is surrounded by a nuclear membrane and that this is very similar to at the cell membrane and it is also composed of two layers it protects and houses the other parts of the nucleus you can also find ribosomes on the outside of the nuclear membrane up next are the nuclear pores these are openings found on the nuclear membrane they allow items to move in and out of the nucleus an example would be messenger RNA you are heading through a nuclear pore and into the plant cell nucleus the nucleus is home to a plant DNA like meters and meters of cell blueprints the DNA make the plant