ILSI NA: FNSP 2017: Circadian Rhythm in Health and Disease – (Satchin Panda, PhD)


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you Music thank you I glad to be here this is my first LC meeting in DC so before I start I would like to acknowledge contribution of all these awesome people here who let see who actually contributed to this study and my fondest mostly American Diabetes Association Hensley Foundation and Glenn Foundation so to put the talk in the context let think about 1 900 that when an average American when he was born the life expectancy was only 47 years only one in hundred could expect to live up to 90 years of age one third of all babies died before the age of five and the leading causes of death and disease was infectious disease a microbial cause of disease and that led to sanitation vaccinations and antibiotics that save life and not on average biomedical research extends lifespan by three months for every one year of research so by 2010 the life expectancy at birth is 79 years and one in four will live up to the age of 90 but the challenge is one third of all adults suffer from at least one non infectious chronic disease and 80 of adults at the age