Ashayana Camelot Project Interview-2


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Music Music Applause Music this is a transposition of race identity look right angelic humans look much more actually angelic we much taller we actually have six appendages two thumbs um an extra toe and we much taller and more fine boned and uh that kind of thing which come in all colors right all the skin colors they were all you know created there the first there are people that were much more reptilian that were in on the biogenesis or helping the dna to get his ascension codes back projects so now you have like people that are part human and part reptilian part human pardon and not be part human hard draconian oh it just like club universe here and that okay if we weren all fighting and trying to kill each other because if you look at what is happening what has been happening our history on this planet even the part we know everybody been trying to kill everybody else to get the land out from under him or to take control of their power and you know disempower them it been horrible and this has been about race groups that hated each other right