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Hello everyone! This is Ppomi Unnie. Nice to meet you. Everyone, I have two movie tickets. Do you have an appointment tomorrow? If you don't have an appointment, would you like to go to the movies together? What we will learn this time is (Eulraeyo) '을래요'. Start now. Are you ready? Departure~ This is'I want to learn' this time. '을래요' is usually used when asking for the listener's thoughts or opinions. At that time, when we talk (I don't write it) , we usually use it a lot in'colloquial' when we talk . And I use it a lot when I'm close. By the way, the expression is not'eulraeyo ' to people such as grandmothers or grandfathers who are older than me, or a co-worker or boss of a company '으실래요' When you ask the other person, '을래요?' And lift the end. When answering, say'Eulraeyo' and finish. And how to use it with friends? I don't use'요' with my friends. I don't use'요'. When you talk to a friend, you say'을래' or'00을래 me'. Then, since you are asking for the other person's opinion, the'동사(verb)' should come in front.