Cómo Funciona un Transistor ⚡ Que es un Transistor


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The transistor is an electronic component capable of acting as a switch and also as an amplifier all through a small electrical signal and without moving parts. These characteristics have made the transistor become the main component from virtually any electronic device we can find such as the phones we use every day or computers like the one I used to render this video. In fact, a computer's processor contains millions of transistors and companies like AMD are already producing transistors with a lithographic resolution of 7nm (nanometers) that would be 20,000 smaller than a human hair !! In fact, they are so small that this comparison does not help us visualize anything ... I really just wanted to do this simulation Haha In this video we will see how a transistor works internally, its benefits and a bit of history To understand how a transistor works We must first understand how a diode works. Luckily, I already have a video on the subject so I recommend watching it before but I will try to explain the essentials anyway. If we have a circuit with a lamp and an energy source, the energy will pass freely this, because electrons can move freely between metal atoms and when connected to the power source they are forced to move.