[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.45 TTT #2 (Hyperrealism Ver.)


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[Dinner TIME] We can sing while we eat. [Yoonzino] I sang really well over there. I heard. You did? Yeah. Hey, why did we just leave the homemade wine out there? [Serious about throwup-throwup-throwup] [Also pretty serious] We didn't just leave it there, we need it when we play foot volleyball again. But if we're gonna eat breakfast too, we need to get more instant noodle. No, let's eat jjamppong on our way back. [Hangover relief course] That's a course. [Threw away the pickle juice] SeungKwan, I did this. [A very satisfied expression (The same face when he got a record on Weverse)] Green onion salad~ Wow, Joshua~ Let's bring the rice and pickled radish over here. Let's just eat here. I think we should just eat here. I'm in such a good mood today. Wow, I've never seen Jun this red before. [Hellboy22] I've never turned red when drinking with Joshua. [Enter meat] This is crazy! Wow! [Green onion salad from LA is good] Even the green onion salad is good, it's really good. The meat is good even if it's burnt. Is there anything else you guys need? Anything we need? [He just wants more meat] Your love? [SEVENTEEN's hyper realistic trip] [Wave 1: Meat] I'm saying let's enjoy all of this! - I'm saying Mingyu's way of speech ended up becoming a trend.