5 Of The Best Core Exercises You Should Do Everyday


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hey everyone Jared here with tone and tighten comm and these are five great exercises that you should do every day to keep your core healthy and strong coming at you right now Music so as a doctor of physical therapy I see a lot of different patients for a lot of different reasons the most common thing that I see in my practice is low back pain now low back pain comes from many different causes it could have been you know I worked too hard over the weekend I slept funny last night it been bugging me for years and years it been getting gradually worse and worse there so many different reasons that people come in to see me for low back pain now the thing is the majority of these people I wouldn even necessarily need to see if they did one thing and that one thing is keep their core healthy and strong and so a lot of times that what I do all day long I spend recommending these strengthening these core strengthening exercises to people to make them a little stronger to make them a little healthier to make that even that low