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Hey, hey people. Sseth here. Today, I'll be playing the predecessor to one of the best turn-based strategy games of all time. A game where combat is decided by whoever gets to move first, victory is decided by who gets the most broken spells, and where the best day of a week is Monday. I'm speaking of course about Heroes of Might and Magic 2. But really, it should just be called heroes of magic and sometimes might- if you're very unlucky. I played this first as a child, and now I return to it as a man child. Released in 1996 by New World Computing. We're going to be looking at this game as the original building blocks for Heroes 3 which got everything right. In contrast, Heroes 2 gets everything wrong. But it's got a lot of soul, it's very pretty, and it's generally a very relaxing experience. First let's cover the lore. The story takes place after the dominant monarchy has a little disagreement. Roland iron fist is the rightful successor to the throne, but Archibald iron fist has had enough of his faggot brother so he accuses him of soiling the bed and forces him to flee the kingdom in embarrassment.