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I listened to it all and I said Andrew is this something I don't get? Is this about Queen Victoria she's the main cat Disraeli and Gladstone are other cats and and then there are you know poor cats and am I missing this? And and he took a terrible painful long pause and said "Hal, it's about cats." And we never discussed it again. In 2012 New York Times food critic Pete Wells published a review of Food Network personality and human can of Bud Light Lime Right on. (laughs) Right on! Guy Fieri's Massive Times Square restaurant, Guy Fieri's American Kitchen & Bar fittingly located right across the street from the Majestic Theatre which at the time had hosted Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for nearly 25 years. And while some eight years later we've come full-circle to where we've all decided that Guy Fieri is both prime meme fodder and also good now People shit on that dude all the time and as far as I can tell all he ever did was follow his dreams 2012 was a different time and Wells's review pulled no punches And in a way food reviews seldom do, Wells's piece blew up and went viral with everyone sharing it to their Facebook and Twitter timelines cheering and celebrating the epic pwnage of Guy Fieri that sun-drenched frosted tipped buffoon by one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world and while rubber necking trash fires has been a time-honored tradition as long as civilization has been a thing the commodification of our need to see trash being eviscerated by the critic intelligencia has become an ever evolving industry.