Sound engineer Geoff Emerick remembers recording The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s album | 7.30


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we knew that why wouldn they used to ask other bands into the control room that were working in the complex of the studios to come and listen to a finished track that we made and Richard to look at the the band spaces who asked to come in and listen to the chat and at the end of the track they were just dumbfounded they could never ever believe what they just heard and that the way it was I mean yes and that that going back those 50 years I mean yeah that was the progression of music but that is there nothing like you so what was it in your mind about it it was just so different what it was the just looking for something looking for something different from last excellent from the way they were writing the way we approached the album technically because if it Gordon it was thrown to me after day we finished the revolver album and they license if they went on sewer and couldn recreate any other songs on tour from the revolver out so John came into the control room on that first day I said we never