【ENG SUB】《琅琊榜》第1集 Nirvana In Fire Ep1 【超清】 欢迎订阅China Zone (胡歌/王凯/吴磊/刘涛/刘敏涛)


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Episode 1 Lin Shu! Father... My son... You must live on. For the sake of the Chiyan Army! You have to survive. Father... Father! Father... Young Master. I bring you the most recent news from the capital of Northern Yan. Is there something I have to know right away? They declared the Sixth Prince as heir to the throne. He became the Crown Prince? Yes. Would you like me to inform Jinling? No need. The envoy from Northen Yan is returning to Liang. The princes from the Capital will find out soon. Put this in archive. Understood. I can't believe he did it. Border of Liang Minister Xu. You must be tired from your travels. Please come in. Minister Zhu! What a coincidence. Who would have thought that I would meet you here of all places! I pay my respects to you, Minister. Prince Yu! I am honored to be at your presence. Your Majesty. I bring news from the courier. It's the latest report of His Highness, Prince Yu's inspection of Jiangzuo.