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hello welcome to workflow and patient satisfaction this module is on workflow and patient satisfaction using telemedicine we will go over what the typical workflow of a telemedicine visit looks like from start to finish we will then apply that workflow to a few scenarios lastly we will look at patient satisfaction outcomes the objectives for this module are to identify the importance of workflow to list the desired outcomes for patient satisfaction and to identify the positive and negative messaging practices this module will provide a step by step guide for creating a successful workflow patient satisfaction will also be discussed first let review which care centers are more likely to have telehealth or telemedicine capabilities these are teaching hospitals larger health care systems rural hospitals and clinics connecting to affiliates non profit institutions and those with additional advanced medical technology even in the most ideal settings barriers may persist including effectiveness state policies especially those related to private payer reimbursement regulatory infrastructure and unintended consequences which we will discuss in detail workflow benefits from having a systematic process keep in mind that building rapport between patients and physicians can also be affected by the personality communication education style