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Music and welcome to you selfie code visionaries me sophie shepard nazi the last few months have put data protection back in the spotlight during a crisis of this kind do we have to choose between safety and privacy well i talk about this with richard stallman digital privacy activist and the founder of the free software movement richard stallman digital privacy activist the founder and leader of the free software movement it such a pleasure to have you on our program once again wow richard times have really changed since the last time me and you spoke and i have so many questions especially now that we in the middle of one of the biggest crisis our generations have faced in the past hundred years so the coronavirus epidemic has shown that giant tech companies can use their resources to help out in a crisis situation and that undeniable i haven seen that well i mean i haven seen them help us the main thing that they doing right now is helping people spread insane lunatic rumors that are starting from the president of the u s who is basically uh the saboteur in chief acting just like a