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Music doing great maggie we almost all done how are you gonna fit a whole festival in your front yard well hopefully one day it be big enough to spread across town and into my candy shop but for now this is what we call a trial run what a trial run well sometimes when you want to try something big you have to start small you know what else is small did i say you could have one before lunch you didn say i couldn mm hmm where your sister jody auntie look what i found cool what is it it a music box my parents gave it to me you want to hear it yeah listen girls this is my favorite Music come on guys let get the blueberry pie Music Music i sorry i late there endless calls this morning so she here yet not yet so tell me again why are we meeting her here like i told you i got some intel and this is her favorite bistro of minneapolis and she all about local business right so what better place to close the deal than her favorite local restaurant that is good thinking and