Hand, Wrist & Forearm Strengthening Exercises


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hi I dr Levi Harris an orthopedic surgeon here in Los Angeles I want to share with you seven tips that will really help strengthen your forearms your wrists and your hands it really critical that these are well done because your arms also the focal point of your upper body so often we see people that have arms that are really large but their forearms are very small very similar to upper body and legs in the gym we often see people have well developed upper bodies but their legs are very bird like so I want to help you avoid getting that look I want you to be healthy fit with a well balanced symmetric body so let begin with the seven tips and seven exercises to really help you strengthen your hands wrists and forearms this is the first of our seven exercises actually help you strengthen your wrists hands and forearms so let begin just start with making a fist you want to do this for 30 seconds simply making a fist 30 straight seconds 2 sets a total of 1 minute then the next exercise after you do this for 30 seconds you want to