(ENG CC)권은비가 하루도 빠짐없이 꼭 챙겨먹는 것은? 권은비 인터뷰, 은비 l KWON EUNBI Interview, ESQUIRE KOREA


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I didn t expect this Wait Why don t you try this Watch Esquire Korea twice What are some activities you want to recommend in the summer Leisure sports Zipline Bungee jumping Surfing I recommend an active sports Did you try all of them yourself Let me think I recently went to ride the zipline And I am planning to go surfing this Sunday What is your best dish recipe Lately I ve been cooking soondoobu jjige soft tofu stew really well I made it for our members Yujin and Yena yesterday They loved it What s something you must take when going out I must pack my hair tie a compact powder a lipstick my wallet a perfume a small one so that it all fit in my bag Do you have a set of standards when uploading photos on instagram I don t really have a set standards Just my photos photos of people background photos Green grass trees and flowers because they look pretty I try to upload pretty things to share with others Is there a specific one day class you want to take Recently I ve tried making caramel I went with Minju And I