Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Gaige Grosskreutz testifies | FOX6 News Milwaukee


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we back and uh the appearances are as well we back and outside the presence of the jury and appearance arrested before and ready to roll i want to put two things quickly on the record number one on friday the parties received a high definition copy of a video drone footage that we all previously had lower resolution copies of it from a source uh identified as brandon beeman or urban unaired um urbanated something like that and i believe there an agreement that that going to be added to our stipulated list of authentic videos so that we won need a witness to lay a foundation of authenticity as to that that correct is the correct statement okay and second of all you honored the next witness is going to be gage grosskroyd i believe there an agreement among the parties that he has one prior criminal conviction all right accurate um all right let go oh yeah i suppose i should do that um it monday Laughter starting without the reporter is a common problem would you come down please yes uh it a common problem but i don think i ever started without the jury please