How to MACRO in LOW ELO - Bronze to Diamond Challenge! Ep 8. League of Legends


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welcome back for episode 8 of nama bronze to diamond journey for anyone who joining for the first time we sent a terrible bronze elo player on a mission to achieve diamond in just four months using skill capped so far we covered what we believe to be most of the basic fundamentals to get nama started this week lesson will be on mid to late game macro decisions and will be the last fundamental concept we teach not to worry though with the fundamentals taken care of we be able to focus on more specific topics that players struggle with but we also be revisiting these lessons quite a bit in the future our guides are a great way of learning new strategies but there are often issues that can arise when learning to apply them that will be especially true for today lesson we can possibly expect him or you to become macro gods with a single guide but we can get you started and then talk about common issues that players face later on before getting into the guide as always let check up on his progress at the time of recording this nama has actually gone