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Music hey you wait oh if you and manda my car and let hide over the stairs and talk for a second okay though they won give me the cell that I want to kill everyone yeah but I already took a victim I brought Hagrid into the chamber a secret and I ii killed him I just killed him straight up wow man you my view are going to we need to fill some of those through say which one uh everyone with that name a chick she my new girlfriend no that so hot okay I hate you seven tails I hate you oh yeah let go into different areas now because I hate you yeah me too we should kill this Jim decide with Eugene we should killed seven tails ah I get you one day seven tales Mima yes come with me a second yeah are you seven tailed whose girlfriend who the __ at seven tail oh this is spicy gossip here follow me I bring you to him hey seven tails I found your girlfriend she says she says she doesn know you seven tails she says she doesn know you kind of weird