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Hello! In that video we will see the difference between alternating current and DC. Electricity is a type of energy. transmitted by the movement of electrons through a material conductor that allows the flow of electrons inside. The capacity driver is represented through the electrical conductance Inside of the conductive material the electrons are they can move one way or alternate in two ways, depending on which can distinguish two types of current. First, direct current: the flow of electric current is given in a single sense. It is usually designated with the acronym DC Second, alternating current on electric flow occurs in two directions and It is usually designated by the acronym AC. Most current electrical networks they use alternating current while batteries, batteries, dynamos, generate DC. Let's look at the current first continuous or DC. In nature the electricity is relatively rare if it compare with how everyday it is in our life; It is only generated by some animals and in some phenomena Natural as rays. In the search of generating an electron flow artificial, the scientists gave realize that a magnetic field could cause the flow of electrons through of a metallic cable or other material driver, but this happened in a single sense, because electrons are repelled by a field pole magnetic and attracted to each other.