Shashi Tharoor Talks about - Nehru :The Invention of India on 18th March 2004


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in the 1940s Nehru led the movement for India independence from British rule and ushered his newly independent country into the modern world next un under secretary general Shashi Tharoor discusses his new biography of India first prime minister this is an hour 15 minutes it a great pleasure to welcome back to Houston the distinguished writer and diplomat Shashi Tharoor and a co sponsor his visit with the Asia Society Texas because c span is filming tonight event and the question and answer period that follows a reading would you please wait until a microphone gets to you before you ask your question and to find out when you going to be on TV you can go to c span website Shashi Tharoor will be introduced tonight by Nancy Hall executive director of the Asia Society Texas born in Pennsylvania Nancy moved abroad with her family and attended High School in Singapore in Hawaii she received a BA from Smith College and an MS and education and administration from Bank Street College since then she frequently lived abroad mostly in Asia and then when in America in Princeton in New York City in 1988 Nancy moved to Houston to