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my season for the righteous is begun message received january 22 2019 i and my father are one when i came to this earth spirit putting on the fleshly nature i came to unite myself to my creation but also embody physically all that my father is i am the perfect manifestation of the only creator come to demonstrate complete power and authority here my father created for me for himself a chosen people who would not only understand this revelation but walk in the fullness of this in their lives this body he created in my people are those who accept the free gift of salvation offered to all who believe but also those who run for the prize of the upward calling they have been given there is a maturing process which must occur once one accepts me as lord and the mashiach the end result which entitles one to be called an overcomer the goal and your very purpose here is to not pause or stop in your journey into an intimate relationship with me but rather pursue me passionately so that i may teach you personally how you two are called to walk as i did