Scratch 2001 - Documentary


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you Music you must be told Music this one particular day when I came home from school I you know I usually go home in practice and I was playing music a little bit too loud and my mom came in banged on the door if you don cut that music down you gonna have to cut it off so while she was in the doorway you know screaming at me I was still home in a record and rubbing the record back and forth when she left I was like hmm that was laughs that a that a pretty good idea so when she left I experimented with it you know a couple of months a couple of weeks different records and then when I was ready we gave a party and that when I first had to do some scratch am just cat named our Pecola who brought two copies of five minutes of funk about Houdini and France and he just started cutting up the beginning of the the five minutes of funk and he had a little felt pads and everything I already seen hip hop being done like on you know they been footage like