How to Merge & Insert Multiple Tracks into one Track in Audacity


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in this video tutorial I be showing you how simple it is to merge tracks together in the audacity audio editor and how to insert tracks in between audios like for example when I insert in between this area so in order to merge them it very simple let say you want to select the whole track left click the audio track over here hit control X on your keyboard and then control V where you want to paste it let say over here and it goes over the area that you pasted like that and you can just keep doing that left click here control X control V I delete these extra two tracks and let the only only want to insert or merge a portion of the track you just select that portion control X control V like that it very simple now if you want to do insertion it a little bit more complicated well for the best workflow what you want to do is go to where it says let see tracks go to add new and you can see we using a stereotyped track over here so you can use a add new stereo track