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Episode 2 Lucky's First Love Episode 1 A cup of espresso please. Mr. Xia, your schedule for today is as follows: 9am, teleconference; 10am, monthly report by the Planning Department; 12am, lunch meeting with technical directors, and Mr. Chen of the advertising company has made an appointment with you on the race course at 2pm. I see. Mr. Xia, are you going to take her with you? Of course. Take care on the road. Your phone is ringing. Thank you, madam. Hello, Mr. Xia. Where are you? I'm near the company. Come over right now. Here it goes again. Excuse me, would you move aside please? Well, who are you? Mr. Xia. Mr. Xia, I drove into your car carelessly. Shall I buy you a cup of coffee? Mr. Xia, you see, we go to work in the same building, and I drove into your car today, which is kind of a predestined bond. Or shall we do it this way, Mr. Xia? Miss, he's my boss. You can talk about things related to the car with me.