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there is an ancient indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it my people have come to trust memory over history while history serves only those who seek to control it those who would douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth beware these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise hidden deep beneath the canyon walls of the new mexico desert lies a mysterious ancient city a place of magic rituals astronomical alignments and supernatural legends this massive city was lost for centuries when its occupants seemingly vanished overnight nearly one thousand years ago to this day archaeologists and historians are unable to piece together exactly what happened here so we traveled into the ruins looking for any clues that will help us understand the true history of the canyon what we soon would discover is a history far more shocking than anyone can believe so join us for a unique look into chaco canyon home of the ancient ones the anasazi were an ancient culture that lived in the colorado plateau no one knows why they built their fortified cities but we do know that their entire civilization ended suddenly when they abandoned their homes some have speculated that the nature spirits worshipped by the anasazi became destructive demons when the community ceased to maintain their sacred laws these beings terrorize the population often appearing to children before taking them away forever the ancient anasazi people had superior knowledge of mathematics astronomy ritual magic and some claim they also possessed supernatural abilities during research for our best-selling book on the path of the immortals i was given the unprecedented opportunity really to sit down with and to film dr don moe's jr a third generation medicine man who i met with for a large part of the day during our investigation and he told me the oldest legends of the anasazi which he had been told by his great-grandfather who likewise had been told by his ancestors which included stories of the anasazi turning to sorcery to sacrifice cannibalism after they had lost their way and were driven insane by a reptilian creature which they depict with a halo above his head of all things images of that being are by the way included in the petroglyphs and i believe that they likely attest to the fallen reptile or reptiles of biblical fame which also misled humanity he began drawing in the sand on the floor and reciting the first part of the story of the ancient anasaze and how it had been repeated to him by his father and grandfather who had also been told by their ancestors and so on a legend that dr mose alone had undoubtedly repeated hundreds of times before at the navajo school now since it was obvious to us that this navajo historian was really indifferent to our camera and our recording plans and in fact i could tell he was really uncomfortable with us putting him on film but thankfully he let us proceed nevertheless but i sat there and listened respectfully as he proceeded for nearly two hours to describe to this white man what's only ever been allowed a few times in history before and that is the legendary stories of creation of giants of a great flood of a reptilian deceiver all from the voice of the nation's top medicine man dr mose even sang to us in the antiquated tongue of what i would call old testament history paralleled in their earliest antiquity using the navajo language for centuries tribal elders have been telling stories of unbelievable supernatural events that occurred in the canyon events so shocking the ancient ones carved pictures depicting these events into the canyon walls as a semi-permanent record of what happened here the 15-mile long canyon is home to over a dozen large complexes the largest named pueblo benito has over 800 rooms and sections that were over five stories tall tucked away on a cliff face hidden behind pueblo bonito lies one of the canyon's most telling secrets three feet carved into the mountainside with six toes each are these six toed carvings showing the feet of a nephilim giant depicted in the bible from the book of chronicles chapter 20 verse six quote and yet again there was war with gath where was a man of great stature whose fingers and toes were four and twenty six on each hand and six on each foot and he was also the son of a giant legends from all over the american southwest speak of giants six-fingered red-haired giants that used to terrorize these people they speak of evil cannibalistic giants that would terrorize the tribes with their hunger for human flesh these giants are said to have inhabited these areas for thousands of years not only do they speak of giants however they also mention monstrous creatures that were summoned into the canyon these creatures were carved into the canyon walls for everyone to see not only did dr mo's substantiate the age-old and globally recorded story of those who come through portals and the impact that they have had on biblical and global history past and present not only did he weave navajo indian myths and legends seamlessly with our understanding of the six days of creation the arrival of the nephilim and their connection to judgment by a global flood followed by the repopulating of people around the world and then a second incursion of the giants but there were several instances in which when i pushed dr mose for greater detail he would go off script actually delineating from the official navajo storyline to provide greater consistency between history and the way the bible itself recorded certain events for example as moses was following the official storyline the one that you would get from the parks department in the four corners of the u.