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well now we have the pleasure to hear from another member of our governing body brother jeffrey jackson he has a very intriguing theme are you there are you there is your name there is your name written in the book of life what book of life well in malachi chapter 3 we notice that it refers to a book of remembrance and this book has a record of all those who fear jehovah and treasure his name yes this book of remembrance is a record of all those who are in line to receive everlasting life so all of us want to have our names written in that book don we but if we do have our book name in that book does that mean automatically that we will receive everlasting life no we remember what jehovah said to moses as recorded in exodus 32 there he said anyone who sins against me i will wipe out from my book so names can be erased from this book of life it as if our names are written in this book of life in pencil so all of us surely want to make sure that our names remain in this