Java New Features - Java 9, Java 10, Java 11, Java 12, Java13, Java 14, Java 15


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welcome back do you know there is a new java release that is coming out every six months this has been a recent development and because of this you'd see that there are two java releases every year in this section let's focus on understanding the different java versions how versioning is done and also let's learn some of the important features in these java versions let's get started the initial version of java was called jdk 1.0 and this was released way back right this is almost two and a half decades back january 1996. there were subsequent releases of jdk 2 3 and 4 and after that the major release was j2sc 5.0 this was done in september 2004 as you can see in here there are five releases in almost eight years so from 1996 to 2004 there were there were five releases only the next major release as far as i'm concerned is java sc8 this was released in march 2014 and as far as i'm concerned this is the most important java release because this is the release which brought in functional programming in an earlier section we looked at functional programming before java 8 there was no functional programming in java java 8 brought in functional programming constructs like lambda streams method references and all that wonderful stuff java sc9 was released in september 2017 and again you can see that there are four releases in 13 years from 2004 to 2017 we moved from five to nine so there are about four releases in almost 13 years and starting java sc10 which was released in march 2018 java switched to time-based release versioning instead of trying to decide these are the features which would go in and release the version after the features are ready java has decided that we would do a release every six months and whatever features are ready that would be part of that specific release so starting java sc10 is when you would see a number of java releases coming in so javasc 11 came in september 2018 java sc2l march 2019 and so on and so forth one of the latest releases right now is java sc 16 which was released in march 2021 you can see that from march 2018 to march 2021 we have already went through six different releases one of the important things to remember is that as we switch to buy yearly releases the innovation in each of the releases will be very less if you looked earlier there are huge differences between each of the java releases however if you look at javasc 10 verses 11 verses 12 versus 13 the number of new features that are being introduced are far less because these releases are coming in every 6 months one another thing java is doing is to release long term support versions every three years so java sc 11 is the last long term support release the next long term support release would be java sc 17 oracle generally recommends you to use the long term support releases for production because they'll have support for a very long time the idea behind this step is to give you a 10 000 feet overview over java versioning as you can see there are a number of new java versions that are being released off late i just wanted to give you a little bit of background into what's happening with java versioning i'll see you in the next step where we'd be talking about some of the important new features that were introduced in different java versions i'll see you in the next step welcome back instead let's look at some of the important java new features which were introduced across different java releases the idea is to give you an overview of some of the older releases and the newer releases of java as well one of the first releases of java that was very important is j2ac 5.