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Look at her Her name is Dea We need to put the video here We need to watch The Prayer It there is this Oh Andrea Bocelli Can you close the door Dea go close the door Hello everybody we are The Babes It really hot today let just not move so much Today is wednesday Almost the end of the week Can wait for it to finish Our life is so sad and No I joking We are going to react to Marcelito We are going to react to The Prayer You suggested to do it You even wrote down the comments that we are not real italians if we don react to this video But we are true italians so we do it 100 percent italian We can be more italian We are from Rome center of the country Before reacting we would like to thank you You support us a lot you are amazing can speak You are so amazing Don forget to follow us on instagram We put many pictures So you can see our lives We put here the last video we did on Marcelito The Power of Love Yes good If you haven seen